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Our Services

State-of-the-Art Management Systems

Ramsey Properties is a residential property management firm founded on a one-word principle:

Service – to our property owners and to our tenants.

We provide the following services:

  • Bookkeeping and Collections
  • Property Inspections and Maintenance
  • Marketing of Vacant Units
  • Tenant Screenings and Leasing
Property Management

Bookkeeping and Collections

  • We use a state-of-the-art program created solely for property management and the bookkeeping that goes with it. AppFolio enables us to digitally keep track of every dime of income and expense, alerts us to overdue rent payments, provides all pertinent data for each of our tenants and owners, and records a history of maintenance, repair and appliance replacement for each unit.
  • If a tenant has a temporary financial problem, we will work with them to establish a realistic payment schedule. This approach eliminates stress from the collection process for both parties. Our success rate is so high we seldom need to issue 3-day notices.

Property Inspections and Maintenance

  • Routine inspections of properties will vary depending on a property’s size, location and our tenant-experience. Most of our properties are free of deferred maintenance and don’t require frequent monitoring. Experience usually dictates how often a property should be inspected.
  • Calls for maintenance or repairs are responded to immediately. For each request, we create a work order in our system which keeps track of repairs and gives our vendors contact information and a detailed description of the service needed.
  • When we have a vacancy, we upgrade as often as possible and keep turnover time to a minimum. Our constant goal is to show prospective tenants an attractive unit in a well-maintained building.

Tenant Screenings and Leasing

  • Because we are realistic with our rental pricing, we get a high turnout at our open houses and often have multiple offers. When we select and applicant, we request a credit check, call a prior landlord for a reference and do whatever due diligence we feel necessary to fully screen the applicant.
  • When we select an applicant, we get a credit check, call prior landlords for references and do whatever due diligence we feel necessary to fully screen the applicant.
  • During the leasing process, we go over each element of the lease, page by page, to ensure the tenant fully understands the agreement. Once the agreement is signed, we give them an Inspection Report to complete and return to us after they have moved into the unit. This important document is their acknowledgement of the condition of the unit at move-in and provides us with a clear comparison of conditions when they move out.
  • We respond quickly and positively to tenant’s maintenance and repair requests and treat them with respect by maintaining the building in first-class condition. We give tenants ample notice of any inspections to their unit or temporary interruptions of service, such as water-shutoffs for plumbing repairs, or maintenance of elevators.

Marketing of Vacant Units

  • We have access to websites which provide current data on Rental Market Values. These tools help us to determine true comparables to our vacant unit. Our leasing agents are highly skilled at determining market value, and are sensitive to shifts in the market place. We will list our vacant unit on several of the available sites and will be as flexible as possible with pricing so that the unit does not sit vacant for a long time.
Tenant And Owner Services

“We realize your property is an important financial asset for you and your family and we treat it as such. We’ll manage your property as if we owned it, making sure it is maintained in tip top shape with an eye to the bottom line.”

-Brian Ramsey