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Ramsey Properties Testimonials

Heather P.

I lived in a flat for just under four years that was managed by Ramsey Properties and had an excellent relationship with the folks at Ramsey. As much as I hate to say it, it's a rare thing these days to come across landlords/property management groups in SF whom are honest, responsive and well organized...I was so happy to find it in Ramsey.

5 stars goes to the property manager & extreme "fix it" guy, Rob. His friendly (and funny!) demeanor makes it a pleasure to have him around-- especially during stressful times. He would help me with the littlest things (like putting locks on my windows) to the bigger things (like the plumbing not working)... always helpful and eager to make things right.

Overall, Ramsey gets 5+ stars from me... I would still be renting from them if I hadn't had to move out of the country. Highly recommend.

Daniel S.

Very well run. I rented one of their apartments for 4 years. Very few problems with the apartment, and the company fixed things very quickly whenever there was a problem. I was able to submit maintenance requests and pay rent online.

When I moved out, the company was fair in determining what needed to be cleaned and fixed. I got my deposit back timely with receipts for what was taken out of the deposit. Probably the best experience I've had with a rental company! Would definitely do business with again!

Brian S.

My roommate and I were tenants of a property managed by Ramsey Properties and recently moved out to get a larger place. Our time with Ramsey Properties was excellent from the very beginning to the very end. Michelle, Joyce, and Brian are all very friendly and organized. They worked with us to find a suitable solution to each issue that came up during our tenancy. All of our interactions were professional, friendly, and timely. I highly recommend them to both tenants and owners alike. These folks are great property managers! Thanks again!!!

Ruby G.

My experience over the past 4 months with Ramsey has been fantastic.

Their office really works hard to make sure their tenants are happy. I am and I would recommend anyone searching for residential/commerical property management seek out their expertise.

Todd E.

I've been renting for 6mo, and Ramsey has impressed me with its prompt service and professional demeanor. This extends to the people they contract with for repairs - all the people i've dealt with have been super professional and prompt. To the extent that if i email in a non-urgent issue (haven't had any urgent ones) it usually gets a response via call within a business day, and a fix within 2-3 days.

Keep up the excellent service, Ramsey Properties!

M D.

I don't yelp very often, except if somethings really really really bad or really really really good. I think I've yelped three times total.

Ramsey property management is stellar. In a city filled with shady landlords, I am so happy to rent from them. My past SF landlords have been totally sketchy....

Reasons: always available, super responsive to any (I mean any) issues that I've had, courteous, professional, friendly. Everyone has a great attitude and is a pleasure to deal with.

And I have to shout out Eric in particular! He can apparently fix anything! And no matter what the issue is, he has huge smile on his face, always cheerful and eager to help....

Anne A.

In the 17 years that I've lived in San Francisco, 3 of my 4 apartments have been managed well by Ramsey Properties. They have always taken good care of the buildings and responded to my tenant needs. From rescuing me with an extra key because I locked myself out on Thanksgiving to upgrading and installing a new furnace in an old building, they have always provided professional and friendly service. They get things done and represent nice properties. Thumbs up for Brian Ramsey and his staff!